Chamber Bonus Bucks

Our local Bonus Bucks is a local currency. They can be spent just like cash at any New Horizon's Chamber Member business. For a list of all of our Chamber members click HERE

Chamber Members

When Can They
Be Used?

Bonus Bucks can be accepted and purchased all year round! They make for great employee incentives, gifts, awards, or whatever the reason you may choose to purchase.

How to Redeem

As a business owner, we make it easy for you to redeem! When your business receive a Bonus Buck, simply endorse the backside and take to your bank as you would a personal check.

Does it Cost? 

As a Chamber Member you have the opportunity to accept bonus bucks. This is a FREE program that ensures money is spent locally and helps build our local economy.

Why Use Bonus Bucks?

New Horizon Chamber Bonus Bucks are a great way to support buying locally. When you buy locally, more of each dollar stays in our community--whether it's paid in wages to the cashier who helped you, used by a retail store to purchase local services or products, or collected as local sales tax revenue. A gift of Bonus Bucks keeps giving back to our local community even after it's spent!

How to Purchase Bonus Bucks:

Bonus Bucks can be purchased in $5, $10 and $20 increments at New Horizons Office (104 East Main St.) from 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday. 

**NEW* Bonus Bucks can now also be purchased online!

Shop $5 Increments HERE

Shop $10 Increments HERE

Shop $20 Increments HERE

Choose to have them picked up in store or mailed.

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Please let us know if you would like to "Opt In" to accept Chamber Bonus Bucks.